This Consists Places To Stay Food To Eat

Food is the most important resource you can get besides water. If someone thinks you seem a little suspicious then they can do a number of thing to you to get rid of you one of which is poison your food! So I am going to give you a list of cheap places where the capitol and there minions can not go!!!

District 4, now you have to be careful this may be dangerous because 4 is controlled by the capitol, but considering that this is a fishing district you catch the food yourself and therefore are safe. If you are still too afraid to go that far then we have district 9. they do grain so you can grow your own breed, or borrow from a friendly neighbor because this is not a capital controlled district. You could also as a last option, but not a bad one go to 11 and get some healthy fruits and veggies. You could also go see if you can find Greasy Say and ask for some leftovers?

Now onto places to stay. This will be short because i already briefly talked about it on the first page. District 2, now I know I already said no to any capital controls districts but they literally make homes and if you stay there for awhile, you might learn how and move to district 9 and build one there!