On this page you will learn about who you can trust, and a little about how to bring weapons into the districts.

Weapons & Training

On this page you will learn about weapons, training, where you can find the weapons, and how to train with or without the weapons.


On this page you will learn about places to stay and food to eat so that you don’t get poisoned or shot!

On this page, you will learn about what the districts, and how far away they are from the capitol!

On this page, you can sign up to be one of us!


Safety Is Key  

You may be thinking “well if I become a rebel, then I am not only putting myself in danger, but my family and friends to!!!” While that may very well be true, we have places and people that will keep you safer then you ever where.  District 10 It has good homes, and is so far down in the rankings the president dose’t even visit. The Capitol will also most likely think that you will straight away go to the rich districts now that you are not imprisoned in yours. So district’s 1,2,and 3 are of the market.

So who can you trust. NO ONE!!! At least no one at all that you don’t know. There are spy’s in each district from the capitol and there WILL be peacekeepers. (which by the way is a VERY unfitting name the spread conflict not peace.) They are there to seek out anyone even slightly suspicious and put a bullet in there brain!

In the next page you will read a little about weapons and on this page we are going to teach you about how to hide those weapons when going to a district. First of all they will check your suitcase when you arrive so that is a no. They will also pat you down, so you can’t hide them on you. Take a box and put in your gun or guns then mail it to a address of a person you can trust and there you can get it from them when you get to district 10! (or other safe place)  

Weapons & Training

You Need Materials To Survive

This is the most important information you can get. On this page we are going to teach you places you can go to train and to get weapons. The problem is with just your bare hands and no training whatsoever you are not gonna get so far in the war!

This is a little distant from ten so you will half to do some traveling district 7, I i know this may seem impossible because you half to go so far but it is OK because they are lumber, there for need to know how to use an ax. But what about all the other weapons that we use? Well then we need to go to our next place, and this may seem scary but when not in use you can train at the capitol training center, it will teach you how to use weapons and how to do more hand to hand combat.


This Consists Places To Stay Food To Eat

Food is the most important resource you can get besides water. If someone thinks you seem a little suspicious then they can do a number of thing to you to get rid of you one of which is poison your food! So I am going to give you a list of cheap places where the capitol and there minions can not go!!!

District 4, now you have to be careful this may be dangerous because 4 is controlled by the capitol, but considering that this is a fishing district you catch the food yourself and therefore are safe. If you are still too afraid to go that far then we have district 9. they do grain so you can grow your own breed, or borrow from a friendly neighbor because this is not a capital controlled district. You could also as a last option, but not a bad one go to 11 and get some healthy fruits and veggies. You could also go see if you can find Greasy Say and ask for some leftovers?

Now onto places to stay. This will be short because i already briefly talked about it on the first page. District 2, now I know I already said no to any capital controls districts but they literally make homes and if you stay there for awhile, you might learn how and move to district 9 and build one there! 


Info about districts

Now you may be thinking ‘this is all well and good but i don’t know a thing about any of the districts i don’t know what they do how to do it and the rankings of each” well let me give you a quick list of the districts and what they do:

They do literally nothing at all. The other district feed them and the capital takes from them.

2- Masonry
They build homes for their people, and the capitol.

This district helped me give you this info. They give the capitol a chance to film and broadcast to all of your channels.

They provide the capitol and there people with there fresh seafood.

This is where all the capitol gets there light and can use district 3’s tech.

6- Transportation
Without them it is impossible to go anywhere and this is how Effie Trinket comes to announce which one of our kids get sacrificed for there entertainment.

Remember district 2, well this is where they get there materials. They chop wood.

They do fabrics. They make all the clothes, couches, and blankets.

9- Grain
They make bread and other wheat products.

10- Livestock
They bring you milk, meet, and pets. YA

They grow corn, apples, and bananas. YUM

They work in the mins. without them almost none of they’s districts would work without them!


The once thought extincted district 13, turns out to be the base for the rebellion.

All the districts are controlled completely by the capital until 7!!!